This month, Pulse has tackled what some GPs are calling the ‘elephant in the room’: the issue of race in general practice.

Black and minority ethnic GPs have worse outcomes throughout their careers in terms of passing exams, facing patient complaints, investigations by the GMC and CQC ratings. Yet this can’t be dismissed as a case of overseas GPs failing to understand UK general practice – UK-born BME GPs fare worse than their white colleagues. Pulse pulls together existing data and produces new figures to reveal the extent of the problem, and ask what can be done.

Our investigation into public health cuts revealed the problems how the government’s funding reductions are affecting patient care, including smoking cessation, weight management, sexual health and substance misuse substances. The investigation caught the interest of the national media, being picked up by the Telegraph, the Independent, the Sun, with Pulse editor appearing on commercial radio across the country and Talk Radio.

Elsewhere, this month’s issue had a special on asthma treatment, a Big Interview with GMC chief executive Charlie Massey and a day in the life of a GP member of the London Assembly.