The latest issue of The Pharmacist took a major upcoming issue to task, investigating what the sector really thinks of unannounced General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) premises inspections.

From April, community pharmacies will be subject to surprise visits from the regulator, leading to concerns that these may lead to poorer patient care if the pharmacies are not expecting an inspection. The feature also includes a handy guide on how to ace an unannounced inspection when it happens to you.

With community pharmacies already popular destinations to buy condoms, be dispensed the morning after pill and - more recently - to purchase over-the-counter erectile dysfunction medication, this issue also includes a masterclass on how to set up a sexual health masterclass in your pharmacy.

The issue also includes tips on how pharmacists can protect their own mental health, a guide to the latest NHS planning document – the Long-Term Plan – and clinical articles on earache and dermatolgy