Looking at a range of official statistics, Pulse reveals that the Government’s success in increasing the number of medical graduates going into general practice training will not go far in helping the Government’s reach its target, and that the number of middle-aged GPs leaving the profession should be the focus.

Elsewhere, we look into the furore surrounding NHS England’s decision to release new requirements for primary care networks two days before Christmas. It started a consultation that proposed GPs would need to provide fortnightly ‘care rounds’ to care homes – proposals which were swiftly shot down by the profession.  We also have an opinion piece from a clinical director who resigned due to the problems facing PCNs.

Key Questions this month focuses on erectile dysfunction, looking at the role of low testosterone and how erectile dysfunction differ in those with CVD or previous CVD events, while our cardiovascular clinic discusses how to spot and manage endocarditis.

And finally, a rare piece of efficiency leaves Copperfield fearing for his faculties.