Our 50:50 bespoke emails offer clients the perfect blend of editorial copy and sponsored information, to engage with our extensive community of healthcare professionals. 

50:50 bespoke emails

Here’s how it works. 50:50 bespoke emails can be sent via any of our media brands – Pulse, Nursing in Practice, The Pharmacist, Management in Practice, Healthcare Leader, Hospital Pharmacy Europe, or Hospital Healthcare Europe. Emails can be sent to our full audience or targeted to specific job titles and/or geographies.

The first half of the email is written by our team of medical writers, on a topic chosen by the client. The second half of the email is sponsored content, provided to us by the client. This sponsored section allows clients to showcase their products, services, or relevant offerings to our healthcare professional audience, guaranteeing maximum visibility and engagement. Client branding, images and external links can be included.

Once copy has been agreed, our Studio team will design and build the HTML ready for send via our media brands.

This approach allows clients to strike the ideal balance between informative, engaging editorial content and strategic, promotional messaging. This method not only enhances the impact of the email but also ensures that it resonates with our community of healthcare professionals.

Clients also have the option to include a banner ad at the top of the email.

Our 50:50 bespoke emails are a powerful tool, enabling clients to connect with their target audience effectively and meaningfully, fostering valuable relationships within the healthcare industry. For more information, please contact us today.