An important investigation on child mental health by our Clinical Journalist, Caroline Price, has been covered by The Guardian and Daily Mirror. A Pulse investigation shows that NHS child mental health services are failing the next generation. Data shows that 6 in 10 children battling mental health issues across England are being refused treatment for problems such as anxiety and depression. The situation for young people with mental health issues appears to be worsening, with the numbers of referrals that progress to treatment decreasing from 44% in 2013 to 39% in 2015. Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, released a statement responding to the release of figures by Pulse Today, showing that young people are unable to access mental health services. “These figures are yet more evidence of the Tory Government’s failure to properly fund mental health services in England. It is indefensible that over half of young people needing treatment are unable to access the care they need”. Coverage includes The Guardian and The Daily Mirror.