A major survey by Pulse, revealing what GP trainees expect to be doing after qualification, has been featured in the nationals.

The survey of 310 trainees – the first conducted by the magazine, conducted to launch a special trainees’ month – revealed that around 40% of GP trainees intend to take on a partnership within five years of qualification, with only one in ten ruling it out at any point. Many respondents want to combine partnerships with other roles, including working in academia, the military, CCGs, occupational health, or even tech start-up companies.

However, one in five trainees also said they are considering leaving UK general practice within five years, predominantly to work overseas, but also to change speciality or leave medicine altogether.

The figures on partnerships follow warnings around the future of the independent contractor model.

The survey was featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Times and ITV news. Deputy editor Jaimie Kaffash was also interviewed on Talk Radio and Sky Radio.