The latest issue of Hospital Pharmacy Europe examines how clinical pharmacy resources are under significant pressures in modern healthcare systems, and policy recommends that resources are targeted to areas where there will be greatest impact.

Research undertaken at NE England Trusts, and published in this issue, showed that pharmacy teams view prioritisation as being more than just highlighting high-risk patients and that complexity of hospital environments and situational awareness are also key considerations when prioritising workload. 

The number of haematopoietic stem cell transplants in adults and children continues to increase and the clinical pharmacist is an integral part of the multidisciplinary transplant team. In an opinion piece, Tiene Bauters describes how the EBMT Pharmacist Committee has been established to structure and develop scientific and educational activities designed for pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists involved in this field. 

The issue also covers how over-prescribing of opioids is a concern on both sides of the Atlantic and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one-third of patients taking opioids will be misusing them. Christine Clark discusses how specialist pain-management pharmacists in the US are developing active management programmes to help tackle the problems.