Over the past six months, the global pandemic has led many industry providers to reduce their provision of education and engagement activities with healthcare professionals, restricting the volume and breadth of professional and service development information available.

To help provide our industry partners with guidance on clinical or business-related education and support materials likely to be most useful to healthcare professionals in the next six-twelve months, we distributed a survey to our primary and secondary care community via our media brands Pulse, Nursing in Practice, Management in Practice, Healthcare Leader, The Pharmacist, Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe.

The survey was completed by 990 healthcare professionals across the UK and Europe, 71% secondary care and 29% primary care.


  • 79% noticed a reduction in the provision of industry funded education or service support materials and campaigns over the past 6 months
  • 93% of respondents agree that industry funded materials offer benefit to their continuing professional development
  • Despite the pandemic 30% of respondents are still finding time to dedicate more than 3 hours to CPD per month, and over 46% between 1-2 hours
  • Preferred learning formats included virtual webinars (42%), articles (29%), interactive modules (21%), videos (6%) and podcasts (2%)
  • Only 32% of respondents felt that advertising or product detailing was of use to them professionally, with as few as 17% agreeing that it influenced their approach to patient interventions
  • 60% find CPD areas of industry company websites a useful and reliable source of personal or practice education 
    • “Helps with refocusing and application of research-based interventions”
    • “Expands my knowledge and teaches new approaches”
    • “Can provide more in-depth knowledge to practise”
    • “It is important to have a rounded view of all that is available to support patients”

Download our survey results infographic here.

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