The latest issue of Healthcare Leader is dedicated to celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS on 5 July, with a collection of magazine content centred on the health service’s landmark anniversary.

This includes a profile of Aneurin (Nye) Bevan, the architect of the NHS, and an in-depth feature examining the prospect of the NHS surviving another 70 years, and beyond.

The issue’s anniversary related content also comprises an interview with Aneira Thomas, the first baby born on the NHS, and a profile of retired nurse Joyce Thompson, who shares her memories of a lifetime working in the health service.

Our 70th anniversary themed content additionally includes a column by Kailash Chand, honorary vice president of the BMA, addressing the current crisis within the NHS and the steps needed to tackle it, as well as input from eight healthcare leaders on how they would describe the NHS in 70 words or less.

Among our non-anniversary related content is an examination of the deaths of patients with learning disabilities, an analysis of integrated care systems and their role in the NHS, and an interview with James Routledge, founder of mental health business Sanctus – among other content.