This year the Primary Care Respiratory Academy (PCRA) was held digitally as a series of eight interactive and educational webinars: six clinical and two quality improvement webinars, and is now available for on-demand viewing.

Hundreds tuned in live to the webinars which ran throughout the summer. If you missed any or want to watch them again, all eight webinars are available for on-demand viewing on the PCRA website.

The Clinical webinar series featured Steve Holmes and Ren Lawlor who were joined throughout the series by Carol Stonham, Dominika Froehlich-Jeziorek and Fiona Mosgrove. Topics covered diagnosis, management and real-world challenges of asthma and COPD.

The Quality Improvement webinars featured interactive discussions with Daryl Freeman and Sanjeev Rana with special guests Charlie Sharp and Vincent Mak. Topics of discussion included ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 vs. post-COVID-19 syndrome, the value of a holistic care approach, real-world practice implications and lessons learnt from the pandemic, and the management of asthma & COPD.

Many viewers submitted questions to our speakers during the live clinical webinars but there was not enough time to answer them all. The speakers have responded to some of the most frequently asked questions. Check out the Q&A documents available with the clinical webinar series.

We are already busy planning for the 2022 programme! If you would like to have a say in what next year’s PCRA programme will cover, fill in this quick survey.