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The Agency
We're not just different - we're unique
PCM Healthcare's two change-making divisions develop novel approaches in medical communications and healthcare education that deliver real-world outcomes and make change happen.
Our in-house agencies combine the insight and access generated by our media brands to create innovative marketing collateral and campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes with real impact.
Pharmacom Media is an independent full-service agency delivering change-making healthcare communication programmes.
We are media-neutral, so we can deliver multichannel communication programmes in the exact blend needed to achieve your aims and fulfil your objectives. We weave together live, online, social, mobile and print media, and skilfully engage diverse audiences,
from scientific to promotional, lay to academic.
Strategic communication
Publication planning
and editorial services
Opinion leader identification,
profiling and engagement
Scientific meetings, including ad
boards and sponsored meetings
Medical writing – from clinical
data to clinical practice
Promotional and educational
material development
Training and development
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Cogora: The Agency
We leverage insight and brand experience from our community through our media and research teams to form bespoke strategic
solutions for our clients. We deliver predictable outcomes for our clients and their campaigns.
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