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Product Managers

Product Managers

You turn to us for the data-driven insights and initiatives that bring them measurable success. We help you achieve projected market share and sales volume with a full range of programmes that advance your market knowledge, sharpen your engagement strategies and position your product marketing activities for optimal impact.


You’ll have access to a constant stream of current market information and actionable audience insights based on quantitative and qualitative data.


We serve and oversee a community of more than 220,000 healthcare professionals. We know where and when healthcare professionals are most likely to engage with your products. You can rely on us to position your products in the most effective way to stimulate positive associations among your target audience within the appropriate therapeutic area.

Planning and Execution

We work with you to create initiatives aligned to your product management strategy, provide innovative ideas for accessing and engaging your audience, and take the plans we develop with you all the way to market.

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