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Primary Care Nurses

Primary Care Nurses

Nursing in Practice sits at the heart of a highly-engaged community of 26,000 Primary and Community Care Nurses.

Practice Nurses work in GP surgeries as part of the primary healthcare team. In larger practices, there may be several nurses sharing duties and responsibilities while in others, they might be work on their own, taking on many roles.

Practice Nurses are involved in most aspect of patient care, undertaking such tasks as:

  • Treating small injuries
  • Helping with minor operations done under local anaesthetic
  • Health screening
  • Family planning
  • Running vaccination programmes (for example against flu)
  • Running programmes to help people to stop smoking

Meanwhile, Community Nurses provide nursing care mainly to patients in their own home. Their services tend to be aimed primarily at those who are house bound and aged 18 and above, enabling patients to remain at home where possible.

Community Nurses typically undertake a comprehensive nursing assessment, taking into account the physical, psychological, and social needs of the patient. This enables care needs to be identified in agreement with the patient and carers. 

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