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To influence current buyer behaviour, you need to know how your target audience thinks, where they go for information and how they buy. Our deep community connections and research show that healthcare professionals purchase, prescribe and recommend products based on variables that can be tracked and measured. We offer a range of research-based activities, fine-tuned to generate these critical insights. Download the case study.

Quantitative research for instant intelligence

We gather high-level insights by surveying our community database of 220,000 healthcare professionals. Surveys are developed and the results evaluated in close consultation with you to ensure effective targeting and purposeful analysis.

Roundtable sessions for deeper dives

We hold day-long roundtable discussions with key influencers to tap into buyer behaviour first hand and generate actionable insights.

Understand your market

When you need to explore a specific question or issue, we customise research activities applying both qualitative and quantitative techniques to generate a complete picture of your buyers’ motivations and actions.

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