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Hospital Pharmacists

Hospital Pharmacists

Hospital Pharmacy Europe sits at the heart of a highly engaged, pan-European community of over 12,000 Hospital Pharmacists. They are experts in the field of medicine and they are responsible for the purchase, manufacture, dispensing, quality testing and supply of all medicines used in the hospital.

Hospital Pharmacists work closely with medical and nursing staff on the wards to ensure patients receive the most appropriate treatments, and provide help and advice to patients in all aspects of their medicines. They advise on the selection of medicines as well as the dose and route of administration for individual patients, and many are qualified to prescribe in their own right. They provide information about potential side effects and ensure that new medicines are compatible with any existing medication. In addition, they will often monitor the effects of treatment to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Hospital Pharmacists also work with patients to help select the most appropriate therapy, taking account of factors such as existing medication, medical history, lifestyle, the patient’s beliefs and wishes, and their ability to understand and adhere to a treatment plan.

And in the medicines information department, pharmacists use a range of reference sources to provide detailed information to healthcare professionals and patients about all aspects of medicines usage. New drugs are evaluated and compared to existing treatments before the hospital decides whether to purchase them.

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