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To engage and educate healthcare professionals - and make sure they come back for more - you need truly outstanding content placed where healthcare professionals actively seek solutions.

Our content marketing programmes align the timing, targeting and substance of your communications seamlessly with our audience's interests. We can create bespoke content and ensure it reaches the community when they are most receptive. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) zones

Healthcare professionals frequently visit these community hubs to learn new skills and deepen their expertise, making CPD zones ideal places for you to engage with them. We can craft valuable, original content meeting CPD requirements on specific subject areas depending on your needs.

Branded insight reports

We can develop branded or sponsored reports based on insight-led activities such as roundtables or quantative research. The reports you choose can be widely distributed across our media channels to generate the most impact and engagement.  Visit our resources section to see our latest research reports. 


Take advantage of speaking opportunities at any of our 65 annual events and connect directly with the many communities who know and trust Cogora brands.

Engaging content

We can create compelling, audience-specific content designed to support any requirements you may have. There’s no trial-and-error here; based on years of developing content for our communities, we know what inspires their sustained interest.