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Commissioners include Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) board members, CSU personnel, NHS England staff and Health and Wellbeing Board members. CCGs are (predominantly) groups of GPs that are responsible for planning and designing local health services in England. They do this by commissioning or buying health and care services including:

  • Planned hospital care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Community health services
  • Mental health and learning disability services

They are overseen by NHS England at a national level. NHS England is a new body that ensures CCGs have the capacity and capability to successfully commission services for their local population. NHS England will also ensure that the Clinical Commissioning Groups meet their financial responsibilities.

At a local level, new Health and Wellbeing Boards have been set up in Local Authorities to ensure that CCGs meet the needs of local people. Health and Wellbeing Boards will bring together CCGs and local councils to understand the health, social and wellbeing needs of its community.

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