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We make every impression as influential as the first. Healthcare professionals have no time to lose. Given the intensity of their schedules, competition for their attention is fierce. It takes an extraordinary understanding of their interests and habits to build strong, positive associations with brands and products.

The activities in our awareness programmes are built around the most compelling subject matter, deployed in the most relevant context. Nothing is wasted. Every placement builds your profile and reputation with healthcare professionals primed to value your offering. Download the case study.

Online sponsorship

Over 100,000 healthcare professionals visit our Clinical Resource Centres and other online knowledge-based hubs each month. Your sponsorship and support of this content therefore reaches a wide audience that wants fresh insights from sources they can trust.

Print placements

Choose from a range of sponsorship opportunities and align your brand with well-known, highly valued resources such as the ‘Reference handbook’ used by pharmacists.

Event participation

Go where you can meet healthcare professionals that are actively looking for education and guidance. Choose from workshop sponsorship opportunities to hosting a stand at any of our 65 annual events.

Advertising across all channels

We know which formats and placements our communities respond to best. Take advantage of finely targeted media planning across our brands covering online, email, print and events.