Primary Care Respiratory Academy

The Primary Care Respiratory Academy is a multidisciplinary initiative for generalist primary care health professionals and for those who provide commissioning services for their local populations, which aims to improve respiratory care by advocating high-quality and high-value care.


Developed by Cogora: The Agency, the Academy seeks to educate GPs, nurses and practice-based pharmacists in the fundamentals of best practice in the evidence-based diagnosis and management of their respiratory patients, and to equip the service delivery community with the tools and knowledge to help deliver improved outcomes for their populations.

Our approach

The Academy is comprised of two platforms: clinical and commissioning. Each Platform seeks to meet its objectives through live events/workshops and digital resources. Day-long roadshows consist of a combination of plenary sessions and interactive workshops, led by respiratory care experts, and ensuring maximum audience engagement. The Events and workshops are supported by a wide-reaching suite of enduring digital resources (videos, webcasts, CPD modules, essential documents and templates) that are updated continually, ensuring that our PCRA community of respiratory professionals remains actively engaged throughout the year.


  • 4,023 attendees over the past 3 years
  • 78 events run
  • 57 digital resources
  • 13 CPD modules

This year’s clinical roadshows were attended by 1032 primary care respiratory specialists, comprised mostly of GPs and nurses. Feedback received from delegates has been extremely positive, 97% giving an overall rating of 8–10 out of 10, with 92% saying that the event would affect their approach to respiratory care.

The commissioning workshops, now in their 2nd year, saw 78 commissioners attend the 8 workshops: 95% of delegates gave an overall rating of 8–10 out of 10, and 85% said they would improve their approach to service design/delivery.

This year we have uploaded 24 resources to the academy platforms, with plenty of them featuring in the events that have been run.