Cogora: The Agency and Pharmacom Media are our full-service medical communications agencies with a focus on strategic insight, scientific excellence and quality delivery.

Both Pharmacom Media and Cogora: The Agency build on Cogora’s Insight capabilities, using their scientific knowledge and marketing strategy expertise to create innovative and flexible communications programmes and materials. This specialised approach of creating, testing and delivering multi-channel campaigns ensures a highly bespoke, targeted solution that provides clients with a higher, more predictable return on their investment.

Cogora: The Agency and Pharmacom Media’s Communications solutions are tailored and channel-agnostic. Each agency has over time developed a strong track record in different channels and therapy areas.

Cogora: The Agency’s solutions tend to be based around healthcare professionals’ education, and they have had particular success in delivering ‘roadshow’ campaigns in which expert speakers tour the country training healthcare professionals.

  • 200+ ‘roadshow’ events delivered per annum
  • 10,000+ delegates each year
  • 3 million+ monthly page impressions
  • 50 international advisory boards held each year
  • 160,000+ social media connections

Meanwhile, the Pharmacom team has developed an excellent reputation in a number of areas, but are perhaps best known for their ‘satellite symposia’ – educational sessions that take place at large, international health association meetings.

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Wanda Lesowiec

Managing Director, Cogora: The Agency & Pharmacom

To find out more about how our agencies can help you create a compelling scientific strategy, communications campaign or educational programme, contact Wanda by emailing or calling +44 (0)20 7214 0540