Cogora is one of the UK’s leading full-service healthcare marketing agencies.

The company started life as the health division of Campden Publishing. In 2013, management sold Campden Publishing’s ‘Wealth Management’ division to allow them to focus time, energy and resources on its healthcare division, which was rebranded ‘Cogora’. They believed that by continuing to grow the business’ ‘community’ of healthcare professionals, they could harness the unique power of that community in new ways.

Cogora moved quickly to acquire the UK’s leading news brand for General Practitioners – Pulse – which had built a huge, dedicated following since its launch in 1960. In parallel, the company invested heavily in the digital and face-to-face channels of its existing brands, giving the company a receptive and engaged community of over 220,000 healthcare professionals.

Then, in January 2014, the company launched Cogora: The Agency, our first in-house healthcare communications team, and Cogora: Insight, our specialist market research and strategic consulting group. In the crowded, largely homogenous healthcare agency market, the division was founded on a unique proposition: Cogora’s expanded, engaged community of healthcare professionals from which it gathers high volumes of the most robust quantitative data and leverages it to create innovative and predictable scientific strategies, education programmes and marketing campaigns. This differentiator resonated strongly with Cogora’s media client base, with over 30 transitioning to ‘Communications’ or ‘Insight’ clients within the division’s first 12 months of operations.

Cogora moved to bolster its agency proposition with the acquisition of PCM Healthcare (PCM) in November 2015. PCM brought new capabilities to Cogora in the form of its specialist CME (continuing medical education) division, PCM Scientific, and a promotional communications team, Pharmacom Media, as well as expanding the geographic range of our operations from EU to global.

Most recently, Cogora again invested in its community with the acquisition of The Pharmacist. The addition of independent community pharmacists to the company’s audience means that the company now has an unrivalled reach across all the main primary care groups in the UK.

The company now stands alone in the marketplace with the scale of marketing services it can offer. What started off as a big idea has now translated into a company-wide approach that is delivering consistent gains for our clients. Cogora may have started small, but our ambition to be the best remains.


PCM Healthcare: A Cogora company

PCM Healthcare was founded in 2006 by husband and wife Dr Alisa Pearlstone and Rob Miller. The company grew rapidly over the following decade, spawning the two divisions that provide the structure for today’s company. PCM’s growth can be attributed to its clear commitment to delivering inventive techniques and meaningful outcomes for its clients in both medical communications and CME.

PCM Scientific, its market-leading specialist CME division, has delivered some of the largest and most successful practice-enhancing education programmes in Europe over the last few years. Pharmacom Media, PCM’s promotional medical communications team, has produced a raft of innovate live medical communication strategies and tactical campaigns for the company’s blue-chip pharmaceutical clients.